For those of you who haven’t heard of Save Face (, they are a national, government accredited organisation who provide a register of Aesthetic Doctors, Dentists and Nurses (and clinics) who offer non-surgical aesthetic treatments.  Appearance Based Medicine is a Save-Face accredited clinic, and I am proud to sit on Save Face’s Professional Advisory Board ( to help campaign for, and promote, more rigorous regulation of our industry for the safety and benefit of our patients.

Save Face Brand Ambassador, television’s Dr Christian Jessen, has worked hard since his appointment to increase public awareness of the issue of safety in non-surgical aesthetic treatments.  Unfortunately, there is a lack of regulation in our industry, meaning that some unscrupulous or untrained practitioners are able to offer injectable cosmetic treatments, like Dermal Fillers, without appropriate medical qualifications.  This puts the patients at an increased risk of physical injury and side-effects post-treatment – something that I feel is completely unacceptable when there are highly experienced and highly qualified medical professionals out there who can minimise these risks for the patients.

Dr Christian Jessen has spoken recently about why he thinks non-surgical cosmetic treatments should only be carried out by medical professionals – watch the video below for more information:

As Regulation in our industry remains exceptionally low, accredited registers like ‘Save Face’ are an invaluable resource for members of the public looking for a non-surgical aesthetic treatment.  In the video below, Dr Christian Jessen explains why he thinks that medical professionals who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments should become Save Face accredited:

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