Hyperhidrosis Treatment – ‘Excessive Sweating’

What exactly is this treatment?

excessive-sweatingIf you are looking for a Hyperhidrosis Treatment to tackle your excessive sweating, Appearance Based Medicine can help.

Botulinum Toxin can be used to effectively treat Hyperhidrosis, as it works to temporarily block the nerve endings in your skin that respond to the chemical message your body sends to turn sweat ‘on’. This block tends to last for between 4 months and a year, during which time new nerve endings are produced in the affected area and the effects of the toxin gradually reduce, leading to a gradual return to the previous levels of sweating experienced by the patient.

Although there are other ways to treat Hyperhidrosis (either via lifestyle changes, like avoiding spicy food and wearing loose fitting clothing made from natural fibres, or in extreme cases via surgery), the use of Botulinum Toxin to treat Hyperhidrosis can be an effective treatment option to consider: one clinical study cited on my FAQ’s page (http://www.ab-med.co.uk/faq/) reported that 81% of patients who received Botulinum Toxin injections achieved a greater than 50% reduction in excessive sweating, though the results did vary from patient to patient.

Why should I have this treatment?

According to the NHS website, most people produce about a litre of sweat each day, but people with hyperhidrosis – approximately 2-3% of the population – can produce 10 times as much! As well as causing feelings of discomfort and embarrassment in the sufferer, the financial impact of hyperhidrosis can be significant thanks to frequent visits to the laundry or Dry Cleaners, and having to replace clothes that have become permanently stained or have even started to break down and deteriorate because of the chemicals found in sweat.

If you suffer from Hyperhidrosis and simple changes to your lifestyle haven’t improved the condition, then the use of Botulinum Toxin could be a potential treatment route to consider. Treating Hyperhidrosis in this way isn’t suitable for everyone, but if you come to Appearance Based Medicine Ltd. to learn more about this procedure, we will discuss whether it is right for you at your initial consultation, once Clare McLoughlin RGN INP has found out more about your unique Medical History. If this treatment is appropriate for you and you would like to pursue this option, Clare will develop a tailored treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

How do I know if this treatment is safe and right for me?

Botulinum Toxin is a prescription-only medications and can only be prescribed for use following a consultation with a medical professional – either a Doctor or a fully qualified Nurse Prescriber. At Appearance Based Medicine Ltd., Clare McLoughlin RGN INP will only prescribe Botulinum Toxin following a detailed one-to-one consultation with a patient, enabling her to accurately assess whether it would be an appropriate treatment option given a patient’s unique medical history, skin condition and expectations.

During your consultation, you will be given comprehensive information about the procedure, potential side effects, and any pre- and post-treatment advice. You will also be given the time to decide whether or not, given the information you have received, you would like to proceed with any recommended procedure.

In terms of the side effects of Botulinum Toxin, there is the risk of some slight pain, redness or itching where the injections are given. Clare McLoughlin RGN INP will discuss all potential side-effects of Botulinum Toxin Injections with you prior to any treatment being carried out, and will also clearly explain what you should do pre- and post- treatment to ensure that the possibility of you experiencing any negative side effects is as low as possible.]

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