Jenny’s skin peel – Case Study

Skin Peel Treatment Journal

Day 1

peel-day-5-200x300 immed-post-peel-1-200x300 immed-post-peel-2-200x300
AM treatment morning

When the first peel went on I felt nothing, when the second peel went on it felt like a deep moisturising mask

The face felt tacky all day, slightly orange in colour

Day 1 (night)

peel-day-13-200x300 peel-day-11-200x300 peel-day-10-200x300
I decided to keep the peel on and apply the first night wipe over the top as I thought my skin could take it

I applied at 10PM and until about 3AM it felt like my skin was tingling with sun burn, enough to keep me awake, as soon as it died down i was able to sleep

Learning for next time- would probably apply at about 6PM to ensure I could sleep as normal

Day 2

day-3-225x300 day-3-no-2-225x300

Morning – face looked a little bit red, had a shower and washed my face with water

My face burned for a couple of hours, remained red for the rest of the day as if I had mild sun burn

Night- applied second night wipe and it felt normal not like the previous night

Had shower washed face with water and started to notice th edge of my nose and my chin and lower cheeks starting to peel lightly then more heavily during the day

Day 4

Face continued peeling more, started peeling all over the cheeks and side temples, red blotches appeared on top of my cheeks my sensitive zone

Day 5

Finally my forehead started peeling, the remainder of the face having completed its peel

Day 6

post-day-5-1-200x300 post-day-5-2-200x300 post-day-5-3-200x300
Decolletage was the last to peel, only lightly peeled

Day 7

post-day-5-5-200x300 post-day-5-6-200x300 post-day-5-8-200x300
Face feels tight which I keep moisturised

Now my skin feels brighter with a much more even skin tone

Chin is less dark

Scarring on my face is less prominent than before

Look forward to a secondary peel to further attack the spot scarring

Delighted with the result so far!

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