Professional Skin Analysis – Stratum Skin Analysis System

What exactly is this treatment?

The Stratum Skin Analysis System is a Professional Skin Analysis Tool used at your initial consultation at Appearance Based Medicine Ltd., as well as at subsequent consultations to review the results of any aesthetic treatments undertaken. It involves taking detailed photos of the face and skin, and using these photographs to provide a baseline report of your skin condition. By comparing these images to post-treatment images, we can easily track your response to any treatment you undertake.

Why should I have this treatment?

Our Professional Skin Analysis Tool – the Stratum Skin Analysis System – helps in the quick and easy diagnosis of many common skin problems, including:

  • spots and blemishes
  • open pores
  • hyperpigmentation
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • sun damage
  • skin texture
  • sensitivity
  • broken capillaries

Once we have a clear understanding of your unique skincare needs, Clare McLoughlin RGN INP is able to recommend a variety of different products and/or treatment plans that can effectively tackle your specific skincare requirement.

How does this treatment work?

stratum-skin-analysis-systemThe technology employed by Stratum is called “Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis” (SIA). The Stratum imaging device uses different light sources (both Save UV and Fluorescent light is used) to capture a series of digital images, and these captured images are then analysed by the Stratum software to provide a quantitative analysis of what it can see. As an example, if we were interested in the content of the oil flows of the skin, when the software analyses the image of the skin, it finds all the areas that correspond to the light signature of specific oil-related issues and displays them clearly on the image.

Although some skin issues like scarring, acne and wrinkles can be by the naked eye, the Stratum Skin Analysis system also has the ability to identify (and determine the severity of) photo damage that is not normally visible under normal lighting conditions, ensuring that a comprehensive and accurate assessment of skin health can be made during your consultation with Clare McLoughlin RGN INP.

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