Question: I have some small brown patches that have appeared on my skin – what are these? And what can I do to make them less obvious?

Clare’s answer:

This sounds like ‘Melasma’ or ‘Facial Pigmentation’, which is caused by the over production of melanin by skin pigment cells. Melasma can be caused by a number of factors including sun exposure/sun damage and the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy or taking the hormonal contraceptive pill.

There are things that can be done to reduce the appearance of these areas of hyperpigmentation though – don’t worry! If your Melasma is particularly severe, a product like iS White Lightening Complex can really help to reduce the visibility of the dark patches of discoloration in a safe manner.  It combines an innovative blend of lightening ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade botanicals in a unique formula that can effectively brighten and lighten the skin, and is proven to work! In clinical studies, the iS White Lightening Complex has achieved a 37% reduction in the production of melanin over a 72-hour period.

**Please note – if you are concerned about the appearance of moles or dramatic changes to the texture and appearance of your skin, please contact your G.P. for advice. As a Registered Nurse I do have a great deal of knowledge and experience of various skin conditions, however, it is your Doctor who can refer you to a specialist quickly and easily should you require this.

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