The causes of sagging skin

Sagging Skin

What is sagging skin?

Sagging skin refers to the loose skin that has little to no definition due to a loss of fat and a reduction in collagen and elastin proteins. . Sagging skin can appear for various reasons, and in different places, however, it is most commonly found on the neck, stomach, jawline, upper arms and thighs.

Anyone can suffer from sagging skin and it most commonly appears as a result of the natural ageing process. However, it can also appear in those who have lost a significant amount of weight or have specific medical conditions. Unfortunately, sagging skin can be challenging to resolve with simple at-home remedies – though there are various skin tightening treatments that can be beneficial!

What causes sagging skin?

When you are young your skin is usually able to stretch and bounce back into place easily as you will have a large supply of both elastin and collagen, two proteins that are vital for ensuring you have healthy and youthful skin.

Appearance Based Medicine - Sagging Skin
Appearance Based Medicing - What causes sagging skin

As you age, the production of these fibres slows down, which means your skin may start to struggle bouncing back into its initial position and will begin sagging. This process can speed up if you do not take care of your skin or body, for example, if you are constantly exposed to UV radiation, pollutants in the environment or have a poor diet.

Sagging skin is also likely to occur in situations where an individual loses a significant amount of weight over a short period of time. This is due to the fact that carrying additional weight can also damage collagen and elastin fibres, meaning our skin is unable to bounce back as it once did.

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How can sagging skin be treated?

Sagging skin can be treated in numerous ways depending on the severity of the issue. Before your treatment, you need to consider how big the area of sagging skin is, as well as where it is. 

Those who suffer from minor sagging, often caused by pregnancy or weight loss, will find that a change to their lifestyle and an increase in the amount of exercise they do can have significant benefits. Resistance training, weight lifting and pilates are well-known examples of exercises that can help build muscle mass and tighten sagging skin.

If you suffer from moderate or more severe sagging, then certain non-invasive treatments, such as Laser Therapy, can be beneficial. These procedures will need to be carried out by a medical professional or dermatologist. It is often recommended that you pair these treatments with lifestyle adjustments.


Profhilo®  is an injectable skin bio-remodelling treatment that can help improve the tone, texture, firmness and elasticity of sagging skin. Any area of your body can be treated with Profhilo®  and it is one of our most popular treatments for trying to combat the natural ageing process. Profhilo®  contains hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that helps the skin remain hydrated and healthy.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are also a popular option for treating sagging skin as they are usually safe and well tolerated, whilst offering consistent and effective results. Fillers work by replacing the lost volume surrounding sagging skin, lifting it to create a more healthy and youthful glow. The 8 Point Face Lift is a specialist aesthetic treatment involving Dermal Fillers and will provide your face with a more rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. It is something we would recommend to anyone who has lost volume and definition across the face.

ENDYMED Intensif

ENDYMED Intensif is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that brings together radiofrequency technology and microneedling. By combining these two proven skin ageing treatments, ENDYMED Intensif offers a remarkable solution to lax skin, uneven tone and texture and deep wrinkles.

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