Causes and treatments for Sunken Cheeks

Sunken Cheeks

What are sunken cheeks?

Sunken cheeks are a common skin condition that occur as a result of the inevitable natural ageing process, or in some cases, weight loss. As you age, you may begin to notice your cheeks are becoming visually flatter or more hollow. Some people may also find that their natural face structure begins to look sunken.

Sunken cheeks are often viewed as a marker of someone’s age due to the way they appear to recede inwards instead of outwards, creating a more slim and aged look. Many people who lose volume in this area of their face choose to undergo treatment as they begin to feel self-conscious or anxious about their appearance.

What causes sunken cheeks?

No matter what you do or how well you look after yourself, your body and face will undergo changes as you age, it is inevitable. As you age your body produces less collagen, the protein which helps your skin retain its elasticity and youthfulness. If your skin doesn’t have enough collagen, it may start to show prominent signs of ageing like the appearance of wrinkles and sagging or dull skin.

Appearance based medicine - sagging skin casuses
Appearance based medicine - sagging skin casuses

Over time, your body will also stop producing as much subcutaneous fat (the visible fat just under the skin) , the very component which helps make your cheeks plump. As this happens, your facial structure is prone to becoming more bony and haggard.

As with many skin conditions, age may play a big part in how you look, however, your lifestyle is also important. If you have a poor diet or do not eat enough food not only will your skin suffer, but you may also start to have a sunken appearance. Healthy individuals who exercise a lot can also appear gaunt as weight always comes off the face before the waist! Lifestyle choices like smoking can also cause premature signs of ageing to appear on the face.

Appearance based medicine - sagging skin casuses

How can sunken cheeks be treated?

Sunken cheeks can be treated in numerous ways, however, here at Appearance Based Medicine we usually suggest Dermal Filler treatment. Dermal Fillers with hyaluronic acid are our preferred way of treating sunken cheeks. Not only is it a safe and efficient treatment, but it is also highly effective.

During Dermal Filler treatment, your filler will be injected into the targeted area of skin or the hollowed section of your face to add additional volume. Dermal Fillers are a great treatment, however, they are not a long-term solution unless you schedule follow-up treatments. On average, our patients can expect their fillers to last anywhere between six months and a year.

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