Dermal Fillers For Cheek Enhancement

What are Dermal Fillers for Cheek Enhancement?

Dermal Fillers for Cheek Enhancement, or Cheek Fillers, are aesthetic injectables that are commonly used to add volume to areas of the skin that have lost elasticity and have started to become dull, sag or show more prominent signs of ageing. Cheek Fillers can help combat this by raising the area of skin above and around your cheekbones, providing the illusion of a more defined and plump bone structure. This is usually achieved by injecting a dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid into the layer of skin under your cheek to help smooth out any visible fine lines or wrinkles.

Why should I get Cheek Fillers?

Unfortunately, the face tends to be the area that is first affected by the visible signs of ageing, mainly due to the staggering amount of involuntary movements that your face performs every day. As a result, this area can be prone to displaying the premature signs of ageing. If you find that you have lost volume and definition around your cheeks, and are looking for a way to lift your skin and add volume, Cheek Fillers can provide you with additional volume which can help smooth out visible fine lines and wrinkles.

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How do Dermal Fillers for Cheek Enhancement work?

As your body ages, the rate at which you produce both collagen and elastin will decrease. This decrease can have all kinds of effects on your body and skin, though primarily, it is likely that these changes will cause you to display some of the more visible signs of ageing.

Dermal Fillers for cheek enhancement can help prevent the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles by utilising a substance called hyaluronic acid, something which is naturally found in your body and has become well known for the numerous benefits it can provide your skin.

Cheek Fillers work, therefore, by providing your skin with an extra boost of hyaluronic acid. This adds volume and vitality to your skin and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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How do I know if Cheek Fillers are safe and right for me?

Here at Appearance Based Medicine Ltd., we take your safety very seriously. That’s why we will only carry out a non-surgical aesthetic procedure, which includes the administration of Cheek Fillers, on those who have joined us for an initial complimentary consultation. During this time we will examine your medical history to ensure that you are suitable for treatment and that no unforeseen complications will arise. This time also provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about treatments.

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Our consultations are either carried out in-clinic or via tele-health, a service that is focussed on providing a private space for virtually medical consultations. During this time, you’ll be provided with all the information you need, including pre and post-treatment advice to ensure you achieve the best results possible. We understand that when it comes to aesthetics, deciding on a treatment isn’t always an easy decision. That is why we’ll always give you the time and information you need to make an informed and confident decision.

Cheek Fillers, like most forms of Dermal Filler, are low risk and involve a straightforward procedure in which little to no downtime is required. However, as with any injectable treatment, there is a small chance that you may experience swelling, bruising or redness around the injection site. These symptoms are not usually serious and normally resolve themselves within a short amount of time. At Appearance Based Medicine we will support you throughout your whole aesthetic journey, from consultation through to post-treatment. If you have any concerns at any stage of your journey please do not hesitate to contact us.

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 If you’d like to speak to us about your appearance concerns or about how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, then please contact us.