When it comes to non-surgical aesthetic treatments, I really believe that the hallmark of a talented, experienced and qualified medical aesthetic professional is a result that is subtle and natural rather than looking ‘done’.

Oversized pouts, frozen features, taut skin over unnaturally ‘plump’ cheeks – these are all ‘enhanced’ facial characteristics that we regularly see on television and in magazines, and though it may be the facial aesthetic ideal of that particular patient, it’s not something that I offer here at Appearance Based Medicine.

I work with the natural facial characteristics of every patient who comes to me (whether they are just looking for advice and support or choose to proceed with a treatment) and I help them to gently enhance their features and reveal their innate beauty.  For me, a great treatment is one that has friends and family members struggling to place what specifically has changed, commenting instead on how ‘fresh’, ‘youthful’, ‘happy’ or ‘rested’ a patient looks post-procedure.  Subtle injectable and non-invasive treatments that smooth the skin, add youthful volume or restore a radiant glow and use high quality, clinically tested and proven products are the treatments that I am proud to offer

Unnatural enhancements and ‘cheap and quick’ procedures aren’t on offer at Appearance Based Medicine, and I would love to see them ‘off the menu’ full stop!  Your skin is precious and delicate – give it the care and attention it deserves.  And even if you think you want to ‘go big’ with lip augmentation, for example, trust the experience and advice of a medical professional! It is always possible to add a little more filler – if required AND if appropriate – at a later date, rather than overfill the lips at the outset and then have to reverse the procedure.  Have patience, do your homework and seek advice from multiple medical aesthetic clinicians, if required, so that you know a treatment is safe and right for you.

And above all…

Love the skin you are in!


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